Science delivery for sustainable use of the Baltic Sea living resources


Tallinn University Conference Center, Narva Rd. 29, Tallinn, Estonia


17-19 October 2017

Abstract submission deadline

closed since May 2017; 110 contributions accepted.


The symposium will summarise and synthesise the recent scientific findings by providing:

  1. new evidences on the spatio-temporal dynamics of Baltic Sea biodiversity at various levels of organisation, and its relationship with changing environmental conditions.
  2. new basic knowledge on the ecology of the main commercial species – cod, herring, sprat and flounder, incl. habitat requirements, connectivity, migrations, species interactions and impact of external drivers.
  3. improved assessment methods and tools for the management of marine living resources, thereby assisting to address several regional (HELCOM) and EU legislative frameworks.


Relevant presentations from BONUS BIO-C3, BONUS INSPIRE and other BONUS projects, as well as beyond BONUS and the Baltic Sea are welcome.

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