BIO-C3 Activities archive

Sept 9-10 2016: Under the motto "Bringing science to the classroom", the 2016 BONUS BIO-C3 high school teacher training workshop "Biodiversity in the Baltic realm - function, services, and anthropogenic threats" assembled BIO-C3 scientists and 25 teachers at Schloss Noer, Eckernförde Fjord, Germany! Learn more about this event here.

Aug 22-26 2016: The 2016 BONUS BIO-C3/INSPIRE/COCOA/BAMBI summer school "Modeling Biodiversity for Sustainable Use of Baltic Sea Living Resources" took place at the Søminnestationen, Holbæk, Denmark! Read more about this event here!

June 27-30 2016: The BIO-C3 annual meeting brought together 35 participants from our 13 partner institutes in Tallinn, Estonia! On the agenda: special workshops on invasive round goby and zooplankton, scientific highlight updates, break-out groups to collaboratively advance scientific work, and logistical planning for 2016-2017 BIO-C3 activities.

April 13-28 and May 13-29 2016: BIO-C3 scientists under the lead of GEOMAR continue data and sample collections for integrative Baltic ecosystem assessments on board of research vessel Alkor. Follow the cruise blog!

November 25 2015: The BONUS BIO-C3/BAMBI/INSPIRE invited guest column "Finding bridges between biodiversity research and ecosystem based management" is published in the December BONUS in brief newsletter!

November 12 2015: The 5th bi-annual Steering committee meeting of BIO-C3 is taking place via web conference.

September 24 2015: The science of the BONUS projects BIO-C3, INSPIRE and BAMBI was showcased during the highly attended all day theme session "From genes to ecosystems: spatial heterogeneity and temporal dynamics in the Baltic Sea" at the 2015 ICES ASC in Kopenhagen! See the BONUS news for more information.

July 5 - July 11 2015: The 1st BIO-C3/INSPIRE/BAMBI summer school "The Baltic Sea: a model for the global future ocean", with 32 international PhDs and postdocs and 13 expert lecturers from around the Baltic Sea took place in Glücksburg, Germany - a great week providing a multi-disciplinary crash course on the Baltic Sea.

2015 Summer school poster session. Photo: Dierking

June 30 - July 3 2015: The 2015 Annual Meeting of BIO-C3, with 40 participants from all 13 BIO-C3 partners in 7 countries, the international advisory board and a BONUS secretariat representative took place in Kiel, Germany. Main foci: update on the science in BIO-C3, integrative working groups to coordinate collaborative science for the coming year, and planning for the 2015 summer school and 2015/2016 BIO-C3 events. Participants: log in to retrieve meeting documents.

2015 Annual Meeting group picture. Photo: Steffen


June 2015: The 2014 BIO-C3 annual report was cleared the BONUS secretariat. Download the publishable summary or the full report!

May 19-20 2015: The workshop "Benthic-pelagic coupling in the Baltic Sea", co-funded by BIO-C3, BEAM and INSPIRE and with participation of BIO-C3 scientists, takes place at Stockholm University, Sweden.

April 15-29 and May 16-31 2015: BIO-C3 scientists under lead of the GEOMAR continue data and sample collections for integrative Baltic ecosystem assessments on board of research vessel Alkor. Follow the cruise blog!

Baltic fish diversity in pelagic fisheries haul. Photo: Nickel

Research vessel Alkor. Photo: Dierking

30 March 2015: The PIs of the 13 BIO-C3 project partners assemble for their third bi-annual steering committee meeting (via web-conference).

January 2015: The Baltic Sea zooplankton dataset - a large scale long-term dataset comprised of contributions of several institutes - has been assembled and harmonized, partly funded by BONUS BIO-C3 and INSPIRE. See how to get involved!

05 September: The PIs of the 13 BIO-C3 project partners assemble for the bi-annual steering committee meeting (via web-conference).

04 - 05 September 2014: The workshop "Round goby – need for collaborative science and management in Nordic and Baltic countries" – co-organized by BIO-C3 scientists and co-financed by BIO-C3 – takes place in Charlottenlund, Denmark (download Background & Program).

04 – 19 August: BIO-C3 scientists conducted oceanographic work, plankton surveys, and pelagic trawl fisheries in the deep basins of the Baltic Sea on board of research vessel Alkor to improve understanding of temporal changes in this system.

This was the 7th of 9 BIO-C3 cruises - 3 of them on board Alkor - in 2014 (read cruise blog or read cruise reports), continuing a long-term data series that started in 1987.

21 - 23 June 2014: Meet the BIO-C3 project on the Danish research vessel R/V Dana during the European Science fair in Copenhagen, Denmark.

June 2014: BIO-C3 Flyer and Overview poster are now available to the public!

17 May 2014: Invited speaker Erik Bonsdorff will outline planned BIO-C3 activites and state of the Baltic Sea at the Academy of Finland in Helsinki.

05 March 2014: 40 year HELCOM anniversary: Presentation by Erik Bonsdorff, Åbo University "Health check for the Baltic Sea" in Helsinki, Finland.