The project

  • >80 scientists and PhD student involved.
  • 13 partner institutes in 7 EU countries around the Baltic Sea.
  • 3.7 Mio Euro total budget.
  • ~3 Mio Euro in additional in-kind infrastructure contributions.

The Partners

Partner Number




 1 Prof. T. Reusch Germany Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research
 2 Prof. F.W. Köster Denmark Technical University of Denmark, DTU Aqua
 3 Prof. A. Temming Germany

University of Hamburg, Institute for Hydrobiology
and Fisheries Science

 4 Prof. M. Winder Sweden Stockholm University
 5 Dr. P. Margonski Poland National Marine Fisheries Research Institute
 6 Dr. H. Ojaveer Estonia Estonian Marine Institute
 7 Prof. H. Kuosa Finland Finnish Environmental Institute
 8 Dr. A. Zaiko Lithuania Klaipeda University
 9 Dr. A.L. Middelboe Denmark DHI
10 Prof. P. Jonsson Sweden Gothenburg University
11 Dr. D. Oesterwind Germany Thünen Institute – Institute of Baltic Sea Fisheries
12 Dr. H. Andersson Sweden Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
13 Prof. E. Bonsdorff Finland Åbo Akademi University





Photo C. Jaspers