Workpackage 2

WP 2 Food webs under changing biodiversity

2.1. Bottom-up control

2.2. Top-down control

2.3. Changes in food web function and diversity due to non-indigenous species


In short workpackage 2 addresses:

Food quality (benthos, zoo- and ichthyoplankton, fish, seals)
• Driver proliferation through the foodweb e.g. eutrophication/climate change
• Role of micro-zooplankton & trophic upgrading
• Phenological changes, temporal/ spatial match - mismatch
• Cascading effects of changed predation regimes e.g. optim. foraging models
• Trophic impact of non-indigenous species (NIS)

Process work, laboratory experiments, field investigations, fatty acid & stable isotope analyses, benthic ecosystem and food web models.


Watch movie clip on foodwebs with WP2 task leader Monika Winder HERE!