Workpackage 4

WP 4 Impact of changing biodiversity on ecosystem functioning

4.1. Retrospective analyses of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning

4.2. Dynamics of populations, traits and ecosystems

4.3. Projection of impacts of changed drivers on future biodiversity


In short workpackage 4 addresses:

• Indicator response to past changes
=> consequences for ecosystem functioning
• Synthesis of changing diversity effects on food web interactions/ecosystem functioning
=> process & trait based models (WP 1-3 information important)
• Projections of biodiversity
=> trophic interaction/ecosystem models, diversity variations in response to multiple drivers
=> Process based and mechanistic understanding of environmental change & biodiversity impact
=> Outputs important for WP5 (Good Environmental Status)


Watch movie clip on functional biodiversity with WP4 leader Erik Bonsdorff HERE!